6 Ingredients For Your Sexual Wellness

By Charles Vercoustre
Monday, February 7, 2022
6 Ingredients For Your Sexual Wellness

"Sex is a part of nature. I go along with nature." - Marilyn Monroe.

Three letters. One word. Big topic. Sex has never been more in the spotlight. It's now well documented that sexual health is at the core of your holistic health and wellness. There is a long list of benefits that sex provides: immunity, cognitive functions, blood pressure, reduced headhaches, better sleep, lower stress. At Okana, our mission is to provide you with the right tools – or ingredients – that you need for holistic health and wellness. Early in Okana's development, creating the ultimate coffee alternative ritual, we had to consider sexual benefits when selecting our ingredients. Here's a brief summary of some of Okana's ingredients that are praized for their aphrodisiac effects and sexual health benefits. 

  • Known as one of the best mood influencers, Yerba Maté has other surprising wellness effects. And that includes sexual health. It has centuried old reputation for its ability to revive sexual drive, especially for men. We also know now that Yerba Maté’s high concentration of minerals and vitamins provides proven benefits for fertility and hormone balance. Consider Okana your Yerba Maté Aphrodisiac Potion. 
  • We love cute nicknames, which means we love that Reishi's traditional appellation is “the magic mushroom of the bedroom”. Positive for both female and male sexual health, it targets what chinese medecine believes is the epicenter of sexual power: kidney and urinary function. Reishi also helps reduce stress. This is critical since stress can cause women to secrete a hormone called prolactin. Its effect? Reduced libido. By reducing stress levels, Reishi helps boost libido. 
  • Speaking of traditional Chinese medicine, let's talk about Ginseng. It has long been been prescribed to treat sexual disfunction by acting as an efficient aphrodisiac and enhancer of sex drive. Ginseng is rich in “ginsenoids,” which have also been found to be beneficial for sperm fertility (use a condom, please). Here's some research to browse. 
  • Ashwagandha is arguably the star of natural aphrodisiacs. First and foremost, It helps increase blood pressure to the genitals (by increasing the production of nitric oxide). Holistically speaking, Ashwagandha is famous for improving sexual drive, maximizing pleasure, and boosting performance. We've also been told that it's potent on female orgasm (take note, ladies). You can read more there
  • Let's take a look at another root: Ginger. By boosting circulatory system, Ginger has been prized for many centuries as a potent aphrodisiac to spice up your sexual routine and increase the power of your erogenous zones. We loved discovering here an anecdote about the French King Louis XV's mistress feeding him Ginger to get him in the mood for love. Gotta create those heirs. 
  • Arguably the most officially recognized aphrodisiac, Cinnamon has a long history of promoting a rich sexual life. Cinnamon is known to boost abdominal blood flow – especially targeting female and male genitals – being rich in manganese (a sexual-mood-enhancing mineral), and supporting testosterone production. It's no wonder why Cinnamon has been used as an aphrodisiac since ancient times.

Don't believe us? Well, you can participate in perhaps the most exciting science experiment of your life. Enlist the help of your willing and consenting partner, create the right vibe – sunny Sunday morning or weekday evening, candles, lighting, music – and try a cup of Okana instead of wine. In our very professional opinion, it's best to run this experiment a few times. Y'know – for science.  

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