Okana at Music Festivals by Kelli LaRose

By Kelli LaRose
Monday, June 20, 2022
Okana at Music Festivals by Kelli LaRose

Energy for Summertime Shenanigans

Ever wish you could have access to sustained energy that would keep you going during those long summer days of barbequing and concerts and into the night for dancing and partying? What about those week-long festivals when you get only two or three hours of sleep a night, if that? Is it possible to feel good and energized throughout that entire time?

That was the experiment I jumped into when I decided to try Okana as my only source of energy/caffeine at two different festivals. I choose not to drink alcohol, and haven’t for many years. While I’m super happy with my decision, I like to have some kind of special beverage as a pick-me-up at high energy events.

That Calm Alertness

At a four-day festival where I was camped out, I woke up in my tent every morning and ventured outside to boil water. I didn’t have any sweetener or milk on hand because I was traveling lightly, so I mixed Okana in the boiling water in my blue camping coffee mug and drank it straight. Within fifteen minutes, I perked up and within the hour I felt an influx of energy that made me feel I had slept eight hours instead of three. I think it’s the adaptogenic herbs in Okana that make me feel that way- they are so nourishing to my nervous system and make me feel calm and alert at the same time. Is it possible to be addicted to something that’s not addictive? Because I am.

I went and swam in the lake, danced, spent time with friends, and with the exception of a thirty-minute nap in the afternoon, I was able to party and dance all night (without “help” from any substances) and stayed up until 5am, four days in a row, without feeling burnout or exhaustion.

It Gets Better and Better

I’ve been drinking Okana every morning for three months now. At first I was hesitant because I’m sensitive to caffeine and was worried it would negatively impact my sleep. But I have to say that Okana is the first caffeinated beverage (including green tea and chai tea) I’ve had that actually helps me sleep better at night! I think because the adaptogenic herbs soothe my nervous system and adrenals, and it has a cumulative effect when taken every day. My nervous system is nourished, I feel good, and I am able to truly rest.

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