Our Mission

By Charles Vercoustre
Tuesday, January 26, 2021
Our Mission

Okana was born from certain convictions that go beyond its own product:

  • Mental hygiene will increasingly matter, along with physical hygiene
  • The new generation and the next to come no longer accept to make the tradeoff of their well-being
  • The importance of carrying out projects that make sense for oneself rather than for others
  • The generalized need for a source of energy, certainly, but healthier, to be fulfilled

These convictions are integrated in one mission: to bring to the body and mind, the energy and the benevolence necessary to be fulfilled in harmony.

Coffee is surely today the most consumed energy drink in the world. And for good reason: Caffeine is quite effective for providing energy and focus.

However, coffee delivers a peak of caffeine that can cause stress, anxiety, digestive discomfort and increase in blood pressure in some consumers, ultimately resulting, by its instantaneous but ephemeral effects, to nervosity, fatigue and confusion.

After studying the subject, we also realized that coffee was an ecological disaster, at every stages of its conception and consumption.

People need energy, of course, but above all benevolence. This is our mission. Embody a new ritual, formulate a healthier and greener fuel. Give to ambitions and projects a natural and benevolent boost.

In short, our mission is to help you fulfil yours.

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