Banana Okana

By Joalie Perucci
Saturday, September 11, 2021
Banana Okana

Sunday morning, it's sunny outside, you feel the good vibes but you need a good reason to get out of the bed.

We'll give you one.

Open the window, bring some fresh air in, put on a chill music, why not a record if you have one!

Now, you want to treat yourself with something good for the mouth, body AND mind. All three, you want holistic wellness but with a cool and original thing to make today special.

Check in your kitchen if you have bananas, some dairy alternative, like Almond or Oat milk, a pouch of Okana, Agave syrup and some vanilla extract.

All boxes checked? Perfect! Let's do this:

First of, chop the banana before putting it in your favorite blender. Pour your dairy alternative in. Grab your pouch of your favorite coffee alternative to bring in some cool flavors of cinnamon, ginger and licorice, and put one spoon of it along with another spoon of the Agave syrup.

Mix. I know, it's always satisfying to see all the ingredients blending together. Enjoy.

Pour the smoothie in your go to glass or jar, don't forget a couple of drops of vanilla extract.

You're good to go. Sip it, enjoy it - your ready for a wonderful Sunday.

Taste Okana for yourself

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