Say Bye to SPAO, Say Hi to OKANA

De Charles Vercoustre
Wednesday, February 24, 2021
Say Bye to SPAO, Say Hi to OKANA
Say Bye to SPAO.

I mean, we loved SPAO. The name struck us. It really was a bad news when a bottled water company that shares the same three first letters of our brand opposed our trademark. We spotted this brand during our investigations, but we did not saw it as a potential threat when we registered Spaō trademark. Unfortunately, Intellectual Property doesn't always make sense. We preferred to spare our energy for bigger battles than a name, especially at such an early stage of our development. 

Say Hi to OKANA.

Simple, 3 syllabus, a combination of different words from different languages that mean Ochre, like the color of our beverage. It sounds beautiful and no bullshit, like the product we want to bring to our consumers. We kept the bar on the O. Because we love it. It conveys serenity and that's a good symbol of our cause: combining energy and serenity for the mind and body to fuel your ambition with harmony. The time when you have to sacrifice your mental health to your goals is over. Mental wellness is an hygiene as important as body hygiene. Period.

We are super excited by the beginning of the brand so far, regardless of its name. It pumps us up! A lot of great news to come!


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