Why Excel?

By Nicholas Maffe
Thursday, July 8, 2021
Why Excel?

We all have heroes. People we look up to for inspiration, motivation, even validation.

Our heroes can be men or women. Dead or alive. Personal or broad.

Sometimes our heroes are advocates for noble causes – the environment, LGBTQ rights, income equality. Sometimes our heroes simply do cool shit – write awesome music, develop innovative bicycles, scale mountains, or travel the world.

Mozart for the musician. Martin Luther King Jr. for the human rights activist. Hemingway for the writer. Bourdain for the adventurer. Hell, even your cancer-beating mom can be a hero.

We often look up to people in the hope that one day we can face them eye-to-eye, as peers. But sometimes we look up to people as we search for proof that the metaphorical mountains that we're climbing are, in fact, scalable.

This is why at Okana we focus our attention on certain people in the world in our Excel series of content and interviews. We, both as individuals and as a team, look up to certain people who are doing great things in this world. They inspire us to excel at what we do, and hope that they can inspire you to excel at what you do.

But to us, everyone is worthy of praise. If you're working hard, sacrificing, struggling, and committing to do good and succeed in this world…we see you. We admire you. And you're part of the reason that we got into this business.

We want you to have the energy, focus, and health to maximize your efforts. To scale that mountain, to cross that valley, to break that plateau.

This goes beyond the ingredients in our product. Using our Excel series of content and interviews, we want to show you inspirational people from around the world, working on an endless range of projects, coming from a variety of backgrounds, in the hope that you can find the inspiration that you need to keep going.

So keep an eye out for more content with fascinating people. In the meantime, get back to excelling at what you do.

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