Okana is designed to be a daily ally and to provide healthy and benevolent energy for the body and mind.

Our promise is simple: drinking Okana every day will give you one of the best natural immune boosts possible. The high concentrations of superfoods and adaptogens in each cup will help lower the likelihood of contracting seasonal illnesses (like the cold and flu) and fight against other external threats to the body and immune system.

Here are some tidbits:

- Ginseng is one of the most powerful adaptogens for boosting the immune system

- Ginger has deep antiviral properties, fights against the risk of infection (such as the flu), and supports intestinal flora, which is the foundation of a strong immune system.

- Cinnamon has 5,000 years of reputation for purifying the blood, supporting kidney health, combats digestive disorders, and helps reduce the risk of seasonal illnesses

- Lion's Mane is a popular adaptogen because it has an abundance of polysaccharides, which make it a great ally for your immune system

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