Developing the ultimate alternative to coffee starts with energy. Okana provides a natural, efficient boost for the body and the mind to help you conquer the day.

At the origin of Okana, it is the observation that the energy provided by coffee (the most used stimulating drink in the world) can cause undesirable effects: nausea, stress, tremors, concentration troubles, anxiety.

Our mission is to provide the body and the mind with the energy and benevolence you need on the inside to be fulfilled on the outside.

We no longer tolerate the compromise between the energy boost at the cost of the mental and physical health (see our article on well-being).

We then looked for the origin of the evil. The problem is not with the caffeine, but rather its vehicle. Caffeine is the best way to bring energy and mental focus. However, its concentration in coffee is maximum, and its absorption by the body takes place as a whole.

After considering all the possible alternatives, our choice went to Mate. You will find more information on our dedicated page.

Mate is an amazing ingredient. For its history, already. For millennia, the indigenous peoples of South America have used this drink against fatigue and for a good mood. Today, its effects have been shown to be beneficial on alertness. It helps fight against fatigue. Maté is also known to strengthen cognitive functions and well-being (see our corresponding articles below).

If Mate is the key to delivering on our promise of energy and vitality, we wanted to go further to design the ultimate alternative to coffee. Other key ingredients help us provide healthy energy to the body and mind.

Starting with Reishi, renowned for thousands of years and used in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicines to fight fatigue and strengthen the body in general.

In addition, Ginseng, considered by Chinese medicine as a Qi tonic, source of "vital energy" and favorable to physical activity of the body.

Associated with Ginseng and Maté, Cinnamon fights asthenia and even has the reputation of alleviating the lack of motivation, lethargy and, have we heard, the sexual fatigue of men.

More details on the ingredients related to energy and vitality :

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