Yerba Mate

Say goodbye to anxious highs and lethargic lows! Yerba Mate is famous for diffusing caffeine in the body healthily and Theobromine, to bring good mood.

Used for millennia by the Guarani people in South America, and still consumed as health and energy tonic around the world, Yerba Maté has a number of benefits that keep even the hardest working Argentinian gauchos on the move.

Yerba Maté is extremely rich in antioxidants, caffeine, theobromine, and theophylline. Theobromine in particular is the star of Yerba Maté. A bitter alkaloid found in chocolate, kola nuts, and, of course, Yerba Maté, theobromine is a natural relaxant that eases the impact that caffeine – a natural stimulant – has on the body.

While caffeine provides you with the needed jolt of energy, theobromine ensures that the diffusion of caffeine in our coffee alternative is slow and steady, which helps reduce the nervous jitters and energy crash coffee is known for.

On top of its many health benefits, Yerba Maté soothes the body and soul. A warm and cozy beverage – and one that you'll find Gael García Bernal drinking obsessively in his hit show "Mozart in the Jungle."

  • Fights fatigue and provides a mellow boost in energy
  • Improves concentration and cognitive functions
  • Soothes the body and soul

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